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Oakland Sewer Inspection

Oakland Sewer Inspection
Oakland sewer inspection services should be provided by a licensed Oakland sewer contractor with experience regarding the Oakland sewer lateral ordinance. As of January 16, 2012 all homes being sold in Oakland must have a sewer inspection to make sure they pass the Oakland sewer ordinance test. Our licensed Walnut Creek and Oakland sewer inspection experts have over 20 years of experience handling video sewer inspections and we are experts on the testing methods for the new Oakland sewer lateral ordinance. If you are buying a home in Oakland or you are selling a home in Oakland you may need to speak with a sewer lateral ordinance expert.

Reliable Sewer Inspection In Oakland

We provide a sewer video inspection service that complies with East Bay Mud Sewer Test guidelines. As leaders in the Union City and Oakland sewer inspection industry we are able to provide specific information and answers to people who need help with understanding the Oakland sewer lateral ordinance which requires properties to be inspected prior to close of escrow for any Oakland home sale. We provide:

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Oakland Sewer Lateral Ordinance

Oakland sewer ordinance is in place to reduce the amount of rain and ground water that is treated by the sanitary district covering Oakland and Sunol. When Oakland sewer pipes are busted or damages they let in rain water and ground water. This water reaches the treatment facility and adds to the overall volume of sewage. Treating rain or ground water instead of sewage is costly and doesn’t make sense for the environment. This is the reason the Oakland sewer lateral ordinance is in place. As a result an Oakland sewer test is required for all real estate transactions after January 16, 2012.

Video Sewer Inspection Oakland, CA

Oakland Video sewer inspections help to determine the current condition of the sewer line. By placing a sewer camera into the sewer lateral and running the camera all the way through the pipe we can correctly identify any problems. If no problems are apparent we can perform an air test to see if the line holds air pressure and has no leaks. We are Oakland sewer inspection and Oakland sewer lateral ordinance experts. Please call us today to get answers from licensed qualified Pleasanton and Oakland plumbers.