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Oakland Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance Testing

Oakland Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance
We are Oakland Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance testing experts.  Sewer laterals are pipes that connect private buildings to public sewer mains. Property owners usually only worry about them when problems arise. In an effort to protect the San Francisco Bay from raw and partially treated sewage, the city of Oakland has established a private sewer lateral ordinance. The Oakland PSL ordinance compels property owners to check the condition of their laterals and to repair or replace them as needed.

Why the Oakland Sewer Lateral Ordinance Exists

Many local homes and buildings are more than half a century old. In many instances, the original laterals are still being used. They’re typically made out of clay and iron, which aren’t up to the task of coping with earthquakes and other issues. As a result, they break and clog easily. When that happens, raw sewage often flows back into homes and buildings or out onto the street. It even flows into the San Francisco Bay or leaks from shallow laterals into the groundwater, which then overwhelms public sewer systems and treatment plants. The City of Oakland hopes that the implementation of the Oakland sewer lateral ordinance will drastically cut back on this ongoing issue.

How the Oakland Sewer Lateral Ordinance Works

The East Bay Municipal Utility District, or EBMUD, is the agency that’s in charge of the Oakland PSL ordinance. Property owners must obtain compliance certificates from EBMUD in order to sell their properties, build on them or switch to larger water meters. Additionally, compliance certificates are required whenever remodeling projects of $100,000 are performed.

Prior to doing any of those things, then, you must obtain a compliance certificate confirming that the laterals on your property are in safe working order. First, you’ll need to find a reliable Oakland sewer testing contractor. We can help. We’ll assess the laterals on your property with special equipment. As mandated by the private sewer lateral ordinance, we can then make repairs if necessary. If the laterals are too old or damaged, they will have to be replaced. Your certificate will last for seven years if your laterals are in good shape or are repaired; it will last for 20 years if they are replaced.

Stay One Step Ahead of the Oakland Sewer Lateral Ordinance

Don’t wait until you urgently need a compliance certificate to proceed with your plans. We can perform Oakland sewer testing now so that you know what you’re up against. While installing new laterals can be expensive, there may be ways to mitigate the cost. We’re ready when you are, so contact us now.  We provide expert sewer testing in Oakland.