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Lafayette Sewer Contractors

Lafayette Sewer Contractors
Sewer repair in the Lafayette needs to be performed by experienced professionals. We are licensed Lafayette sewer contractors with over 20 years of experience. We offer all of our potential customers a free video inspection of their existing sewer line. We do this because it brings a higher level of integrity to the sewer repair business. Our Hayward and Lafayette sewer contractors are always standing by to help you with any and all of your sewer problems. Please give us and our professional plumbers a call at the first sign of sewer trouble.

Quality Sewer Contractors In Lafayette

We have all seen TV specials where some unscrupulous contractor is caught by hidden camera ripping consumers off by telling them they need repairs they really don’t need. When confronted these scammers never have a good explanation for their actions. By providing a free video sewer inspection to all of our potential customers we eliminate the possibility of you being charged for work you don’t need. This is because you can see the sewer clog first hand by viewing the camera screen. In Livermore and Lafayette we commonly have large trees that were planted a long time ago on or near where our sewer laterals run from the house to the street. Over time tree roots grow around and into the sewer line causing a need for a sewer repair or replacement.

A Plethora Of Quality Services Offered By Our Lafayette Sewer Contractors

If you are experiencing a sewer problem or sewer clog you may need to speak with an experienced Lafayette sewer contractor. We have over 20 years of experience and offer a free video sewer inspection to all of our potential clients. We also do not charge extra for travel time and we will beat any written estimate by at least 5%. Our professional sewer contractors in Lafayette and Martinez offer the following services:

  • – Copper Repiping Specialists
  • – Underground Water Pipes
  • – Meter to Building (Any Size)
  • – Hot Water Heater (Any Size)
  • – Sewer & Drain Cleaning
  • – Gas Leaks Located & Repaired
  • – Concrete Slab Leak Detection

We have a friendly, attentive staff dedicated to serving you. We don’t charge extra fo travel time and we will beat any written estimate by 5% or more. We also provide emergency service. If you need our service please call us today for immediate help.

Lafayette Sewer Repair

Sewer repair in Lafayette and Moraga can be accomplished through various methods and it is important to choose the correct method for the problem to avoid long term problems as well as needing to perform additional repairs prematurely. We offer:

Lafayette Sewer Rooter Service – This process involves using a sewer rooter machine which travels through the sewer line to the clog and removes blockage with its rotating tip. There are various attachments that can be placed at the end of this machine to clear different types of blockage. For instance tree root removal would require a different tip than the removal of feminine pads or grease.

Lafayette Hydro-Jetting – This process uses a high pressure to sprayer that is placed into the sewer line. Once the hydro-jetter is placed in the line it is used to literally cut away and clear any blockage. The risk of using this type of equipment is that if you have an old clay sewer pipe more damage could be caused to the sewer pipe with the use of such high pressure.

Lafayette Trenchless Sewer Replacement – Trenchless sewer replacement is the process of pushing a new sewer line through the old one with a method called pipe bursting. This is done by digging an access point at the beginning and end of the sewer line. Then a large machine is used to force a new sewer line through the old one. The old pipe simply crumbles around the new sewer line and is replaced.